NPC Senior Exhibition

Artist’s Statement

Growing up surrounded by towers of cds, boxes full of cartridges, and multiple consoles, it is appropriate to claim that video games have greatly influenced my creative process. Each cartridge and CD holds a unique experience behind it, much like a photo album, looking at an unstable stack of games provides nostalgia as I can recall memorable moments held within each title. Through observing designs from the past to present day, there is a clear transition from fantastical illustrations to colorful 3D renders as the evolution of cover art closely followed advances in technology.

I decided to explore the history of video game artwork through creating original concepts, illustrating artwork, and applying it to the time appropriate packaging. Through creating these concepts I seek to invoke feelings of wonder when confronted with a new yet familiar product. The illustrations and packaging will reveal insight into the concepts, but it is up to each viewer’s unique interpretation to determine what the actual game experience would have been like.