Paint on Site

Endless Creativity

Beautiful Beach drawing

Touch on Site

The power to create is at your fingertips, with access to over 28 colors between 3 versatile painting tools there are endless possiblities.

Cool S drawing

Connectivity on Site

A single SCSI port allows for easy battery recharging as well as simple, fast transfer of your PoS files to your devices.

Skuzzy port

Accessorize on Site

A wide selection of gorgeous colors are avalible to match your style. Pencil, Spraycan, and Brush styli allow for maximum comfort while painting your masterpiece.

Colors and Accessories

Create your Fantasies

Make your dreams come to life with our wide array of tools
all at your fingertips.

Man drawing pony

Express Yourself

Explore your look and paint yourself in a new light.

Girl with anime drawing

Show off

Share your original creations with the ones you love.

Man showing off his sonic OC

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